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Parma Opera Ensemble (POE) was formed in 1996; the impetus for the project being the clarinettist, Sergio Pelllegrini. The purpose of the group was to bring together the classic repertoire for chamber orchestra with a series of instrumental fragments, romanze da salotto and divertissement from nineteenth century opera for different instruments. The notion was to take famous arias and themes from the opera's of Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and combine them, in an incomparable way, with the flourishing tradition of chamber opera asserted in the past century with the intent to offer merited recoveries.

The uniqueness of the Parma Opera Ensemble's concept involves concertising in various ways ranging from a trio to a small orchestra. Since the debut, their concert activities have obtained optimal acceptance from the Italian and foreign music critics, and the POE has become an important presence in the panorama of the international concert scene. Their originality and the performing talents of this group has brought them worldwide attention at numerous music festivals and extensive guest appearanaces in the United States, Spain, France and South Korea.

POE has had excellent collaborations with specialists in the field of chamber music such as Jörg Demus, Boris Belkin and Bruno Canino. The exquisite resonance from the Ensemble and the flexibility in adapting to specific vocal requirements, has favoured collaborations with highly acclaimed singers like Carlo Bergonzi, Raina Kabaivanska, Mariella Devia, Vincenzo La Scola, Eva Mei, Michele Pertusi, Sergei Larin.

In 2001 - the Verdi Centenary Year, POE was the official Ambassador of the Music of Giuseppe Verdi and was engaged at prestigious venues throughout the world.

The Parma Opera Ensemble is based at the celebrated Teatro Regio in Parma; they are all key players in the opera orchestra. The Ensemble members are a selected group of extraordinary musicians who are active in the most illustrious Italian orchestras and Italian Chamber Orchestras. Each member, in addition to being part of the ensemble, is a talented soloist in their own right.

Il Teatro Strumentale dell'800 , (Symphonia, 1997)
Malia, with Michele Pertusi, (Stradivarius, 1998)
Serenata, with Michele Pertusi, (Stradivarius, 1998)
Complete Chamber Songs di G.Verdi with S.Larin, M. Devia, M.Pertusi, (Stradivarius, 2001)
Giuseppe Verdi Sinfonie e Balletti, (Stradivarius, 2001)
Divertissement, (FIAMA 2002)
Mozart, Gran Partita Musica Massonica e Notturni, (FIAMA 2004)
Stolen Notes, with A. Massis, D. Korchak, F. Meli, (MSM 2006)